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Hi!  At long last, Adventure Creator has an official forum.  If you're new to Adventure Creator, it's a toolkit for the Unity game engine that lets you create 2D, 2.5D and 3D adventure games.  No coding required!

We've been making do with this Unity thread for the past five or so months, but after 700+ posts, it's probably time we had a dedicated home for discussions..

And "discussion" is the keyword here - the aim of this forum is to provide a place for people to chat about the engine, show off their work, and ask for help.  While I have every intention to continue to support and update Adventure Creator, please bear in mind that I may not be able to directly answer every post.  To make sure it gets seen, please post bug reports in the Engine development category, prefixing your thread's title with "BUG".

There's also a separate category for Technical questions, but if you're having trouble, be sure to check out the tutorials page as well.

Finally, please bear in mind that this is a game-engine forum, not 4chan.  Let's keep it family friendly :)

Now let's make some games!



  • Glad to be here! :)
  • Great Initiative, Chris!
    Glad to be here, too!
  • This will be a big help to lots of people!
  • Great forum, thanks so much for setting this up!
  • Congratulations! It was indeed the right thing to do. Glad to be here. :)

  • I just wanted to say... Hi!

    Lately I haven't been too much active on Unity's forum (my wedding is in two months!) but I'll try to help everybody ;)
  • I was told ("asked") so many times I couldn't really not ;)

    Congratulations MaaS!
  • Hi everybody, glad to be part of this great community!
  • edited March 2014
    Hello to all the children of the forum,

    My name is Mauro, and please forgive my english ...
    I'm Italian and I like to play adventure games.

    I got excited when I saw the demo of unity and hope to
    create my own point and click adventure.

    I hope to follow your discussions and participate in the forum.

    a big hello to all of you.

    all clearly translated from Italian to English with google. :)
  • *waves* 


    I've been stalking Chris about the software and he's been very kind and generous!

    I bought it during the sale and not even tried it yet - but I'm sure when I do it'll be fab :)

    Lots of ideas that may eventually get made thanks to this software! Thanks!

    QS =D
  • Very awesome forum, clean and easy to browse. Glad to be here!
  • I'm so excited that this forum finally exists!
  • Good to be here, looking forward to chatting to all of you during my game development process. 
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