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Feature request: head turn speed / combining blendshape keys

Hey all!

1) would it be possible / useful for anyone to have control of the head turn speed? 

This is in reference to the Character : Face Object action. A slider in the action list would be ace.

2) If anyone else is using Mixamo Fuse characters, you can use their facial blend shapes. This is great and all, but there are about 40 of them!

Now the workflow with AC's shapeable script is to create a group for each facial part. Left eye, mouth, right eye etc...

Then I create shape keys for each group. Left eye closed, left eye squint, left eye wide open etc...

This works fine, but I end up with 6+ action lists to make the character look happy or sad.

Could it be possible to create an option to combine multiple shape keys? Like a master group that could reference other blend keys.

It's entire possible I'm misunderstanding the way Shapeable works though :)


  • 1) The speed of a character's head turn is tied to the character, not the call to make them look at something in particular.  These are currently kept private, but I think it would be reasonable to expose them in the Player / NPC Inspectors.  Changing the speed in-game would require the use of a custom Action however.

    2) ActionLists or just 6 Actions?  You could try grouping up Actions into a single ActionList and then call upon that whenever you need to.  This could be one ActionList for each character and expression, but you could also use ActionList parameters to create a re-cycleable ActionList that can be used for each character, provided they have the same Shapeable layout.
  • 1) Oh cool that would be super useful. 

    2) Sorry I meant 6 Actions in an Actionlist. I did group some of them in an "Happy" or "Sad" ActionList, but it doesn't give full control over the values. I haven't dived into parameters yet, but thanks for the suggestion!
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