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Feature Request - Advanced Footsteps

Something that's always bugged me is the way footstep sounds are handled in AC. You only get two sounds; walking and running, that play on loop. This means that the sounds play the same way every time. Also any time you stop moving, the sound immediately cuts off. It's very awkward. I know it's been mentioned that you can sync sounds to Mecanim animation events, but I assume this only works for NPC/3rd-person characters. Besides which there is no randomness to it.

I would love to have the ability to use/change footstep sets rather than single sounds. You could have several different sounds based on the set used that could play in order or randomly between one another. I'm pretty sure the standard assets FPS controller does something similar already, so AC not doing it is just confusing to me.


  • There is: attach the Footstep Sounds component to your character and fill in the fields to get exactly that.

    As for the animation events method, a Mecanim controller could still be used to play a first-person player's footstep sounds even if no model is involved - there's no restriction there.
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    Great to know, didn't realize that was a feature. Just to be sure, is this script applied to the character using it or a scene object and how is it applied?
  • Yes, add it to the character.  You will need to call its PlayFootstep() function using Animation Events, but each time it is, a random sound will be played.
  • Can these be applied to sprinting sounds and can they still be switched out through ActionLists?
  • The "regular" sound system provided in the NPC/Player components can do both of those, but this script is intended to be used as the basis for your own such system.  It can be duplicated to cater for e.g. separate sounds for sprinting, and custom Actions could also be written to alter the sounds themselves.  I am, however, upgrading this script for the next release - so I will add the ability to define separate run sounds as well.
  • Sounds good! I'm interesting in this too!
  • In additional, I will add an "automatic" option, which will allow you to have AC play the sounds automatically based on a timer, as opposed to requiring them to be played via events.
  • For something like what, ambient sounds or character chatter?
  • No - still for footsteps.
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