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"You're My Hero" Adventure Jam 2017 entry

Hello again folks. Adventure Jam 2017 just ended with 113 games completed and entered. It just so happens one of those games is my own, and was made with this very tool here Adventure Creator.

This is a game that was completely designed and developed in the span of only two weeks. It was an insane experience, but I actually managed to get a game done.

So go check it out. I do think it is quite good even though I do say so myself:


  • I'll try it if I get the time, though I still owe @Snebjorn playing an entry for another jam which he posted some time ago... Also, I actually signed for this jam but ended up too busy with other stuff to actual make a game, lol.
  • It's really good! Though I never reached the end, because I found Cooper's chemical plant (action section) too frustrating. I was genuinely interested in finding out what happens in the story though - I think it would have been better sticking with just the "investigation" gameplay.
  • Thanks Deckard. You mean the platformer portion of the chemical plant or the actual showdown with Kooptor?

    For the platformer portion, the enemies aren't defeatable. You just have to avoid them. Stay on the catwalks above the floor and you will be safe. You'll have to use running jump to jump between some of the catwalks and a couple times you will have to get back onto the floor, but just get back onto a catwalk as soon as you possibly can. Time your jumps to avoid enemies on the floor if you need to jump down from the catwalks.

    If you are having trouble with the showdown with Kooptor himself, PM me the details and I'll give you a hint on it.
  • @hightreason It was just the platforming section that got me - jumping over those guys. I failed a few too many times, and having to start back at the apartment got pretty annoying (though actually a decent idea). Anyway, I think I may go back to it at some point and finish it off. No hints though - I refuse all help in games :)
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    Here's a post I wrote about how the game jam went for me if anyone is interested:
  • Fantastic post! It contains so much good advice on game jamming as well as general design and production tips! ^:)^
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    Post jam version released which is far better than the jam version. Some of the changes include:
    • Autosave! The game now autosaves so you don't have to start from the beginning if you don't finish in one go. Since it's almost a full-length game, this was a much-needed feature.
    • Music and sound design! Most scenes in the jam version were completely silent. Now the game features music and sound effects!
    • Improved UI! especially the dialog UI which now features character portraits and better placement
    • Bug Fixes! Lots of little bug fixes and animation fixes

    Enjoy :-)

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    Oh and it's also now avialable on Itchio. You should probably get it there since the downloads are MUCH faster and more reliable than Game Jolt:
  • Cool, now I may even finish it!
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    And here's a trailer I made for it:

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