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Cubic VR Nodes using AC?

We are considering using Panoramas (Cubic VRs) as environment nodes - think VR tours. Does AC handle such a game? Animated sprites such as fire, etc., would need to be running on certain cube maps. Appreciate any advice.


  • Welcome to the community, @jeff.

    I'm not familar enough with Cubic VRs in Unity to be able to fully answer - but AC doesn't make reference to them in the code base.

    If you can place such a cube in 3D space, AC should be able to work with it - it relies on objects being positioned in 3D world space, and I expect environment nodes would be more a case of "window dressing", no?  In that case, that would be separate from AC, which just focuses on the interactions of invisible Hotspots and the like.

    AC can manipulate Animators, so if they are used to control your animations, they should work OK.

    AC has a first-person camera type, but and the player's movement can be locked using the Player: Constrain Action.  Switching between nodes would then be a case of teleporting the player.

    If you need a more dedicated camera type, however, you can attach your own script onto AC's existing SimpleCamera type to make it compatible with AC's Actions system.  In that case, switching node would then be a case of switching the active camera - with each node having their own camera.

    If you can provide more detail about what it is you're going for, I shall do my best to advise more accurately.
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