Having been designed by the creator of a commercial adventure game, Adventure Creator is packed with the features that will save you both time and money. Here's a selection of it's key strengths:

2D, 3D, and everything in-between

Whether you're working with sprites or the highest of high-end graphics, Adventure Creator has the same workflow. You can even mix and match: bringing 2D characters to 3D scenes, and vice versa.

All the genre staples

The core of any adventure game: inventory items, NPCs, conversations, interactions and pathfinding are all present and correct.

Visual scripting workflow

No coding required: design cutscenes, interactions and dialogue responses in an intuitive node-based editor. Choose from 60 built-in commands - or write and plug in your own.

Plays well with others

PlayMaker, Ultimate FPS, FaceFX, Cinema Director and 2D Toolkit are all supported. And for those assets that aren't, each of Adventure Creator's systems can be individually disabled, giving you control over what goes where.

Bring characters to life

From professional software to free alternatives, lip syncing is fully supported. Use text-to-speech appropximation, make use of the built-in support for LipSync, Sapi or Pamela, or use custom events to integrate your own system.

Physical interactions

Take immersion to the next level with objects that respond directly to your mouse's movement. Pull levers, open drawers, turn screws and more to create engaging puzzles.

Focus on the scene

Concentrate on gameplay by working in Unity's Scene window. Mark out walkable areas, lay down hotspots and position characters exactly how you want them to appear in-game.

Complex animation, simplified

Adventure Creator handles as much of the legwork as you want. You can use Legacy to easily layer animations together, or Mecanim for complete control over your characters' motion.

Multi-platform, multi-lingual

Publish your game to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and even the OUYA. And with the ability to translate every line of text, people all over the world can enjoy your work. (Windows Store / Phone is not supported).

Extensive editors

Manage everything from variables and inventory to menus and cursors in smartly-designed windows. Want to enable crafting? Open up the Inventory manager, and start making recipes!

Your game, your design

Switch from point-and-click to tank controls at the press of a button. Tweak your game with dozens of settings, or dive into the UI designer and completely re-style your game's interface.


Source code comes included, and the API is fully documented. Hooks, events and plug-and-play Action support means you can extend the toolkit without editing the source.

$70 on the Unity Asset Store

Adventure Creator and this website are copyright Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios

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