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Request: Variable filter on Variable action list?

Not sure if this specific feature has been asked before. I know many people have asked about better ways to select variables because specially global variables can get quite a size.

It is possible to add a Filter search in the Variables action list? (check, set, etc...)
It would make life easier a lot when he have hundreds of global variables.

Sure it doesn't work like that because you need to see a list in order to filter that list... Maybe you can have a check to see a list inside the actionlist and then use filter?

I'm pretty sure if there were any easy way you would have already done it, just throwing some suggestions...

thanks ;)

PS: I already use local variables and lots of component variables... but in big games with multiple scenes you end using lots of global variables whatever you like or not >_<


  • edited April 14

    Categorise your variable names with a forward slash (/) character, i.e.:

    • CategoryA/Variable1
    • CategoryA/Variable2
    • CategoryB/Variable3
    • CategoryB/Variable4

    Then when they appear in popup lists, they'll be grouped up by whatever comes before it.

  • OH, this is quite good to know, thanks.

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