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Import CSV

I am trying to fix some typos on my game using CSV, but when I edit and import again to the game, nothing happens, the original text keeps there. I need to do something special?


  • Importing a CSV file will only affect translation from text gathered by the Speech Manager - not the original text sources (i.e. the root Dialogue: Play speech Actions that they come from).

    However, it's possible to only rely on "translations" for runtime display, and ignore the original text - even if your translation is in the same language as the original

    To do this, create a new translation in your Speech Manager and name it "English". Then check Don't use at runtime? underneath the "Original" language - this will cause "English" to be the game's default language. You can then modify this language's text via CSV imports.

  • Yes, this exactly what I was doing right now. What will happen when I add more dialogues in my game? When a translation line is empty it show the original one?

  • You will have to re-gather the text in the Speech Manager to add the new lines to the translation.

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