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Background subtitles block interactions?

I'm having an issue with background subtitles blocking interactions (specifically clicking hotspots) while they are being displayed.

These Speech Manager settings are enabled:
Display Subtitles forever until user skips it
Subtitles can be skipped
Can skip with Interaction A/B
Subtitles during gameplay can also be skipped

The Unity UI subtitle properties are:
Ignore Cursor Clicks
Appear type: When Speech Plays
Specific Character only, limited to the Receptionist character
Ignore Subtitles Option is on

The random background speech is run in a Run in background scene and all Dialogue lines are set to play in background.

However, when a background subtitle is displayed, you can't click any hotspot - a click will only turn off the subtitle. You then have to click again to activate the hotspot. Am I doing something wrong, or can there be an issue with Display Subtitles Forever and background subs?


  • This is as intended - the intention is for a single-click to have a single purpose.

  • Thanks, so there is no way to set certain subtitles to ignore clicks altogether?

  • If you disallow skipping via InteractionA/B, then skipping is handled by listening to the "SkipSpeech" input.

    What you can then do is create a delegate override for InputGetButtonDown to ignore such input at desired times, i.e.:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class ToggleSkipSpeech : MonoBehaviour
        public bool ignoreSkipSpeechInput;
        void Start()
            KickStarter.playerInput.InputGetButtonDownDelegate = CustomGetButtonDown;
        private bool CustomGetButtonDown (string buttonName)
            if (buttonName == "SkipSpeech" && ignoreSkipSpeechInput)
                return false;
                return Input.GetButtonDown(buttonName);
            catch { }
            return false;
  • Thanks Chris! I'll have a look and see if this could work for me!

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