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Save music state.

Hello. I´am add in the music in the cutscene On load in every scene on the game. But I want to stop the music by Actionlist and when I save and load the game, remember that the music is off.
What´s the correct workflow for load, switch on/off and remember the state of the music track?

For example, in my game the music is on, the main character fall asleep, and then I stop the music by "sound/play music/ stop" Action. Then I save the game, and when load it again the music is on.

The problem it´s obvious. I switch on the music in "on load" Cutscene. But I don´t know another way.

So sorry for my English hehe...


  • The state of the music will be saved and loaded automatically, unless you force it off with Actions.

    I'm not clear on what you're trying to do. Make sure that music isn't playing after loading?

    You can define an "ActionList after loading" in your SavesList menu element to run once a save file has finished loading - you can stop the music there if that's what you're trying to do.

  • Sorry I will try to simplify what I want.

    I want to stop the music in gameplay. Save the game. And when load the game, the music shuld be off.

    My problem? I am switching the music on in the "OnLoad" cutscene. So when I load the game with the music off, the music turns on again.

    I suposse that there is another way to activate the scene music track when I load the game.

  • You say you want the music to be off after loading, but also that you want to activate a track when loading. These are two opposite things - I really don't know what you're trying to do, I'm afraid.

    Please try to explain further - perhaps with an example step-by-step of the exact behaviour you're looking for.

  • Sorry Chris. It seems to work now. Thanks for try to help.

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