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Version 1.71 - Player-switching overhaul, API changes, and lots more



  • Thanks for this great update Chris!
    One Question though regarding the adressables integration: Wouldn't it make sense to integrate it in the regular speech action (possibly using defines and adding an option in the game editor settings). The way it it right now makes it practically impossible to switch to adressables in the middle of a production as all the speech actions would need to be replaced. Also does this work in the timeline too? (using the timeline speech track). It would be great to move from asset bundles to adressables.

    Thank you

  • Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!

  • @Onat: Good point re. existing Actions. Defines would certainly be necessary for built-in integration, and I'll give it some thought. The current custom Action is a subclass, though, so it could be merged into the original in the meantime.

    It doesn't currenty support Timeline-based speech, but I shall see if that is possible as well.

  • Version v1.71.3

    • Added: Improvements to the behaviour of Draggable objects set to Rotate Only
    • Added: Ability to determine which part of a Draggable object causes it to be automatically released upon leaving the screen
    • Added: Internal flag to SpeechLine class to prevent it from being removed during the Speech Manager's "Gather text" and "Reset text" processes
    • Added: Ability to filter by multiple text types when in the "Text export wizard"
    • Fixed: Issue with Menu Element "hover sounds" when directly-navigating Menus
    • Fixed: Graphic menu element's PortraitCharacterOverride property not updating Unity UI-based menus
    • Fixed: Draggable and PickUp objects not responding to input if the mouse cursor is moved off-screen
    • Fixed: Draggable's "Damping factor" field not being exposed if a Rigidbody is attached but not used
    • Fixed: Unity UI-linked InventoryBox elements not being able to turn invisible if set to Clear Content when empty
    • Fixed: Positioning issues with Unity UI-based Subtitles menus
    • Fixed: Error with the UFPS v1 integration
  • Great work! The new player switch system is fantastic!

    I think I found a bug when switching player for the first time:
    Let's say I run a scene where I've already setup a 2nd player start and data for that player. When I switch to that player the mainCamera loses reference to the attached camera, while the gameCamera still works (moves with the new player). I think there might be an issue in MainCamera:1603, where the function sets the attachedCamera to null if none other is found in playerData.

    I've set the same gameCamera in both player starts.

  • @11tomi12: Have you given each GameCamera a Constant ID component? When using player-switching, you'll need to make sure they all have one.

  • Hey @ChrisIceBox ,

    I have couple of bugs with the new version. these were working fine before the update

    1) when starting a new scene, my player doesn't copy the rotation of the playerstart. It also happened on an empty scene with no onstart cutscene. For now, I added a object teleport and copy rotation at the beginning.

    2) this might be working as intended but writing here as it wasn't an issue on the previous version

    I use the 'use loading screen' option. when it enters to that screen I get an error for my custom movement script which runs on fixedupdate. this loading screen is not an ac scene

    when I call statehandler.IsInCutscene() I get a null reference error

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    AC.StateHandler.get_gameState () (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Game engine/StateHandler.cs:484)
    AC.StateHandler.IsInCutscene () (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Game engine/StateHandler.cs:661)
    AC.Custom_PlayerMovement.Move () (at Assets/Scripts/Custom_PlayerMovement.cs:170)
    AC.Custom_PlayerMovement.FixedUpdate () (at Assets/Scripts/Custom_PlayerMovement.cs:164)

    I added if(KickStarter.playerInteraction != null) check on the fixed update for that and it works fine


  • edited May 2020


    1) I can't reproduce such an issue. Is this 2D or 3D, a local player, or player-switching? Please share details in a new thread.

    2) Try using the following inside your custom script to instead avoid calling IsInCutscene if the game is currently in a loading scene:

    if (settingsManager.IsInLoadingScene ()) { }
  • ( @ChrisIceBox Whops, I totally forgot about that one.. Works perfectly now, sorry! )

  • Updated recently and noticed that scene skipping causes player to de-activate. I'm using player switching and can skip scenes with no problem with the default player, but for players other than default, skipping a cutscene in which a Player: Switch action is contained, will cause the player to de-activate, after which it will say in the console: "Cannot take the old Player's position because no Player is currently active!"

  • @Eldritch: Can you share a shot of the ActionList, and details of the state of your various players at the moment it's run, in a new thread in Technical Q&A?

  • @ChrisIceBox: Just saw the 1.71.4 release notes and just wanted to say: You are amazing!!! Didn't expect the adressables thing to be in so fast, and also the head turn track was something I was thinking about creating... this one almost feels like a major version update for me :)
    Thank you!

  • @Onat: Glad to hear it, thanks!

    Version 1.71.4:

    • Added: Ability to use Addressables for speech audio playback in Actions and Timeline with the "AddressableIsPresent" Scripting Define Symbol
    • Added: Head Turn Track - use to control a 3D character's IK head-turning state in Timeline
    • Added: Ability to combine strings with the "Variable: Set" Action
    • Added: Draggables that are locked to a Track no longer require a Rigidbody
    • Added: Ability to create compound drag Tracks by defining a Track region's connections
    • Added: Ability to change which Track a Draggable object is attached to with the "Moveable: Set track position" Action
    • Added: The Remember Moveable component will now record a Draggable object's Track
    • Added: Ability to define ActionLists that run when a Draggable object snaps to a Track's region
    • Added: Ability for Label elements that display "Dialogue Speaker" to rely on the speaker's text colour
    • Added: Ability to crossfade the new ambience / music track, and restart it, after loading a save game file
    • Added: OnQTEBegin, OnQTEWin and OnQTELose custom events - called when quick-time events are begun, won, and failed
    • Added: Ability to assign a placeholder Conversation in the "Dialogue: Start conversation" Action when using parameters, in order to assign output sockets
    • Added: Ability to merge non-speech gathered lines that share the same original text
    • Added: The ActionList Inspector's "Run now" button becomes "Stop" while the ActionList is running
    • Changed: Track snap points have been renamed to Track regions, as they now function as connection points as well
    • Fixed: Display issues with the "Sound: Play music" and "Sound: Play ambience" Actions if their relevant AudioClips are no longer in the project
    • Fixed: Error if the "Object: Add or remove" Action is used to remove an item that is not currently present in the scene
    • Fixed: Issue when skipping cutscenes that involve switching to a Player that replaces the existing one
    • Fixed: Issues with local Players that make use of head-turning
    • Fixed: Rare issue related to Sound components attached to Players
    • Fixed: Slider element click sounds not being played
    • Fixed: Minor inventory item re-ordering issues
    • Fixed: Minor Player motion issues when reacting to Hotspots
    • Fixed: Playback issues with the "Character Animation 2D" Timeline track
    • Fixed: Speech audio not resuming once the game is unpaused in v1.71.0
    • Fixed: "Dialogue: Start conversation" Action's "Wait until finish?" option not running subsequent Actions in v1.71.0
    • Fixed: Issues with the "Scene: Switch previous" Action after loading a save game file
    • Fixed: Playback issues with Papagayo lipsyncing
  • edited June 2020

    Version 1.71.5

    • Added: Ability for the "Scene: Check" Action to check if inactive Players are currently, or were previously, in the active scene
    • Added: Option to generate camera crossfade and overlay textures in Linear color space
    • Fixed: Scene crossfading effects not working if asynchronous loading is not enabled
    • Fixed: Issues with the creation of save game files when "Order save lists by update time?" is checked
    • Fixed: Objective states not being reset when the "Restart Game" command is run
    • Fixed: Ignorable warnings showing when saving in First Person
    • Fixed: Inactive Players continuing to move after switching scene due to the "Player: Teleport inactive" Action
    • Fixed: Issue with formula calculations when using the "Variable: Set" Action
    • Fixed: Issues with AC Slider elements responding to simulated cursors
    • Fixed: "Camera: Fade" Actions sometimes hanging if the game is paused while fading out
  • Wonderful! I just discovered the objective state reset issue and was just about to ask about it. Great work!

  • Version 1.71.6

    • Added: Ability to override the "Character: Change rendering" Action's Scale and Direction values with an Integer parameter
    • Fixed: The "Dialogue: Start conversation” Action not running subsequent Actions if "Wait until finish?" is checked
    • Fixed: OnEndConversation event not always triggering if the options are not overridden
    • Fixed: Skipping "Engine: Play movie clip" Actions causing the video they affect to stop if the Video Player component is set to Loop
    • Fixed: Error when using the "Save: Manage saves" Action to delete the Autosave
    • Fixed: Input menu elements not supporting TextMeshPro
    • Fixed: Issue when copying InventoryBox menu elements
    • Fixed: Camera Fade Timeline tracks conflicting with Main Camera tracks
    • Fixed: Pause menus rendered with Unity not being directly-navigable
    • Fixed: Issues with direct-controlled Players when constrained to a Path
  • Version 1.71.7

    • Fixed: The "Dialogue: Start conversation" Action not running subsequent Actions if "Wait until finish?" is checked (properly this time!)
    • Fixed: Minor errors with the ActionList Editor when framing specific Actions
  • How do I download the latest versions? when i check for updates in adventure creator it gives me a link that brings me to a page that says "this page has moved" and when i click that link it brings me to the adventure creator purchase page.

  • @MDWallstreet: Where are you getting the "this page has moved" link from?

    You should be able to download and import AC from the purchase page on the Asset Store, provided that you're logged in at the time.

  • A new tutorial video - this time on creating prefabs out of game logic and puzzles:

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