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Problem with "GVar Protection Level" with some external scripts

Hi there! I just updated to last version, And also I updated to Unity 2019.3.12f1 from 2018.3....

After the unity update, I checked that old good AC was working correctly.

Then I updated AC to 1.71.2, and get some red warnings. I deleted some of the conflicting scripts cause I wasn't using them in this project (just a test project for new updates), but the same warning keep appearing:

I'm getting this problem in various scripts. In fact in all external/custom scripts I downloaded from that extra utilities repository for AC I guess (Like the Unity Analitics ones, Multiboolcheck, Behaviour Designer integration...) Is always the same "Protection level" thing.

Assets\AdventureCreator\Scripts\Actions\ActionAnalyticsSendEvent.cs(111,72): error CS0122: 'GVar.textVal' is inaccessible due to its protection level

It appears multiple times for lines from the scripts like this one:
_ case VariableType.String:
sendDict.Add(parameterNames[i], variab.textVal);_

If I knew coding I guess I could know what is the problem easy, but..


  • The API's been tweaked a fair amount in v1.70.

    Replace instances:

    • .textVal with .TextValue
    • .val with .IntegerValue
    • .floatVal with .FloatValue
    • .vector3Val with .Vector3Value

    Both were available in prior versions, but the former have now been protected to make things more streamline.

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