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Request: About dialogue ignoring Rich Text Tagging text fails.

First of all saying that I don't really know if is an AC change, the how rich text tag is handled in bugging the dialogue, as I updated AC, Unity, Text Mesh Pro, etc, at the same time, but this request is not about "how to fix the bug": request on the end.

You may remember that you help'd me solving some issue with rich text tagging blocking game text in the past from one update to another. In a AC update, rich text tagging needed to be closed in order to not break the game, while in the previous update it worked and make the effect without closing tags, so I had to change the stuff. Fair enough.

In this update Rich text tagging has changed a bit again on how processes multiple rich text tags. When in a line there is lots of size, color, b, etc, sometimes dialogue get stuck again. I had to reorder again a bit the tags in order to make some texts continue working.

If you want to know exactly what I had to change in this update to keep the text working as before, is when for example I put

(Not a working example because I have to put "nearly randomly spaces" between some tags in order to work and I don't have old examples right now as I fix it those that I found)

While that text worked in previous updates, now some of that freezes the game again, and I order to fix i had to make some changes like for example changing the order in
in order to keep it working again. Yeah, maybe it shouldn't have worked before in the order it has, but it worked, so I coded them that way, and now I have to fix them xD

Not a big deal, there is not so many dialogue boxes I need to fix that use that effect, (major problem is just to find the dialogue that fails, because my current game on the public has 10k dialogue lines and every time I have to go thru the text to hunt & fix this type of thing is a bit of pain. (But well, is only the second time I had to do this)

If I could ask something, I'm aware these AC changes, or Text Mesh Pro changes, or Unity changes, are not purposely trying to make me hunt again 15k dialogue lines of text in 5 months again xD

**I'm just requesting if from your part, you could make the dialogue text boxes just not "freezing" if they find a rich tag text inconsistency. **

I'll ask that because I prefer that the dialogue box breaks showing badly the tagging effects rather than breaking locking down the game. I have a system in place where pressing a key makes the dialogue go away alone instead of clicking it, (changing the settings in runtime) and that fixes the issue (in the sense that the player can continue playing) even with rich text tagging blocking the text, but some of the less self-solving users (Like those that don't read any tips or instructions or changelog) can see that as a game breaking bug. (get stuck in text).



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    So that I can reproduce this "freezing" issue, you're saying that it will occur with the following?


    I'm not clear if what you're reporting is a bug with AC or not. It shouldn't freeze, but the ordering of such tags is strict. Just as with HTML, you do need to open and close your tags in the correct order for them to scroll correctly - as the system works by "knowing" what the next closing tag will be.

    It should be that this would work correctly:


    (Making the third size tag open, and swapping the final pair of closing tags to suit the order they were opened)

    Just so that I'm understanding the situation, does that replacement work for you?

  • Well, in my example I put a wrong tag (color=100%). But as said, was not a thing of the example. (Not copied it from the game, as said, the ones I found, already fixed them)

    As you say, "the ordering of tags is strict". The problem is, in some version of AC, Unity, or Text Mesh Pro, is more strict, or less strict; with the result that, the two times things that worked before, later, doesn't worked.

    That's what I was requesting if there is a way for you to code that AC dialogue doesn't break with freezing but just with ignoring, in order to give less harsh experiences to players until all problems are found and fixed with new versions.

    Maybe is a bonkers petition that doesn't make sense at all...(Just the same as it code changes, you just have to change the code).
    Just a thing would give me less headaches. Thanks.

    PS: The thing is, as a no expert coder, if I make it work, I just expect it continue working, but I guess that doesn't make sense in the world of updating engines.

  • If the tags are in the wrong order, they can't be ignored in the sense that they will show up in the display itself - but the text itself shouldn't freeze.

    Using your example above doesn't freeze anything on my end. Before I can suggest anything, I need to be able to see the problem you're getting. By "freezing", you mean the game itself locks up and prevents progress? Please share steps that I can follow to reproduce such behaviour.

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