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Default Sound Problem

Cannot play text scroll audio clip as no 'Default' sound prefab has been defined in the Scene Manager.

If I start in a scene and I switch scene during gameplay the next scene tells that I don't defined a default sound, but I did.


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    It happens with the load game too...even if you are at the same scene of the load file.

    If I turn off "Always reload scene" the audio works normally.

    Some sound like "footsteps" and "open door" effects keeps playing, but others like "speech letter effects" don't.

    I use the same Sound object as default sound and play sounds in game.
    Anyway, if I create another "default sound" just to play the Speech, it wont work aswell.

    If I just start a scene, all the sounds works fine.

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    So the next scene has a "Default sound" defined as well? I take it you're using the Scene: Switch Action to change scene.

    I'll attempt a recreation. What are your AC and Unity versions?

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    Yes all scene has Default Sound assigned, and has no problem when you direct enter the scene from Unity Editor. Using Scene: Switch or Using the Save: Load. Or Load from AC menu.
    Version: 1.70.2

    I don't remember to having this trouble with the older version I was using 1.65

  • I'm having trouble recreating this. If you create a duplicate project, and import the latest AC release into it, does the issue persist?

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    Ok, I created another empty project and imported the AC, was working normally, so I compared my project with the empty one and I found out that my Sound prefab from the AC folder had a Constant ID. When I added I constant ID in the Prefab sound and create a Default Sound in the two scenes, it happened. So I remove from my original project the constant ID, and recreate all the Default Sounds without constant ID, but even so, it not worked.
    If I remove the constant ID from the empty project it back to normal, but in my original project it not, I think there is more problems. But for sure is something I did wrong, but I don't know where to look.

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    Be careful not to make changes to AC's own prefabs, as such changes will get overridden when importing AC updates.

    It sounds like the issue is specific to your project. Import the latest AC into a duplicate of this project, not an empty one. This will revert AC's prefabs back to their original state. Re-assign your own Managers, and then does the issue then stop?

  • Ok I did more tests and it seems completely random, I create new scenes and test switch between them they are exactly the same, but some of them works some not.
    I did a build and in the build the scene that not working in the editor is working, but some others scenes not working.
    I'll give up trying to solve this problem for now, it taking to much time.

  • Sorry you're having trouble, but there isn't enough detail here for me to learn what it might be.

    When you come back to this, try my suggest above as it should help locate the source of the issue.

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