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Bulk-assign variables stops cursor movement

Huh, this is a weird one. In 1.71.2, when I Bulk-assign a variable preset, the cursor stops moving. I use Rewired and direct control, software cursor. The cursor is still active and visible (can press buttons) but is not possible to move anymore. I didn't experience this behaviour in the previous version. Unity 2018.4/Windows.


  • Detach Rewired temporarily so that we can rule out it being a factor.

    How are you assigning the preset? With an Action, or via the Variables Manager directly? If the former, what else is going on in the ActionList?

    Any custom scripts being used? Can't see why this would occur just from updating variables.

  • Move along, folks, nothing to see here. Of course it was me, I forgot that I'd added a CursorSpeed global variable that wasn't set correctly in the bulk-assign presets. Sorry!

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