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EndCutscene problem on video player

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Hi! I can't find the correct way for the EndCutscene action to end and resume gameplay again. I explain, my scenes consist of a series of videos rendered on a srprite with the videoplayer component. Therefore, after clicking on scene A, it will take you to B and after finishing B, where an animated sequence of 10 seconds will be played.

A to B:

Cutscene to run on A:

Inside Cutscene actionlist:

VIdeoplayer settings:

White screen on A after skip ctuscene:

So at the end of this animated sequence, the camera automatically returns to A, and the gameplay continues. But I can't make it work properly. After pressing the space bar (to skip the cutscene) during the animated sequence in B, it returns to A (as it should) but the video no longer plays.

I've been reading the manual and watching both video tutorials where this is explained but still can't find the clue.

Working on Unity 2019.4.0f1 (64-bit) and Unity 2019.3.15f1 (64-bit) and AC latest version.



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    but the video no longer plays.

    Your ActionList shows two VideoPlayers being controlled. What state exactly do you wish each to be in?

    When skipping an Engine: Play movie clip Action, the movie will be stopped automatically. Though, perhaps this shouldn't be the case if the video is set to loop.

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    Yes. The videos are animated loops (since they all have a subtle looped VHS animation with jittering frames and so on..) So my workflow consist on, for example: If you are in A and clicked on a hotspat that leeds to B. Once you clicked on to the hotspot, the B video will be played, also the camera will switch to B and the A video will be stoped. The contrary case will be if you are in B and clicked to go back to A.

    That's the way that at least i've been found more efficient to get a well optimized engine sources during gameplay. Since there are too many videos in the same scene. They will only play and stop whenever required by the player.

    In this particular case, if i choose do not skip the cutscene. The B video with the TV animation will be played and after 10 seconds will cut to go back to play A again (with his respective camera). That works fine, as intended.

  • Solved! Just delete both Engine: Play movie clip marked with the red square.

    Thanks Chris!

  • Glad to hear it.

    As an aside, the ActionList: Check running Action can be used to check if the ActionList it's a part of is being skipped. This can be used to prevent certain Actions from being skipped as part of the "cutscene skipping" process.

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