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Problem testing speech and subtitles and Gathering the texts.

I´m trying to ghater the text of the 2d Demo of AC. I thinks the settings are correct but It only gather the texts that you can see in the screenshot (missing the dialogue and all other texts in the 2d demo). I have another problem. I am trying to test with the only text that gather (the ID#39 text) and it only play the speech audio but not the subtitle (I marked the checkbox "Show subtitles" in the Game Editor Settings but it doesn´t work :( ) All the "no audio" subtitles are working but the subtitle for the ID#39 only plays the audio file. When I rename or delete the audio file the subtitle works again.

Thank you!


  • For the scene to be included in the "gather text" process, it must be added to Unity's Build Settings.

    The display of Subtitles when speech audio is present is based on your "Show subtitles?" option in the Options menu - but the value you set in the Settings Manager is its default state, not necessarily the "live" one used by your game.

    You can force the display of Subtitles at all times by going to the Subtitles menu in the Menu Manager and checking Ignore 'Subtitles' option?.

  • Thank you! it works! :#

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