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Next scene and previews scene buttons for interactive book pages.

Hi! I am doing somthing like a interactive book. And I want to make two buttons for navigate between the pages. Every page is a different scene in my project.

With adventure creator I can switch scene with scene number or name, but is it possible make it automatic for switch from scene 3 if player is in scene 2 with a "next button" and switch to scene 1 with "previous button". Obviously this would have to work for any scene number we are in.

Thank you and sorry for my english level :s


  • You can do it with custom scripting:

    public void NextScene ()
        AC.KickStarter.sceneChanger.ChangeScene (AC.SceneChanger.CurrentSceneIndex + 1, true);
    public void PreviousScene ()
        AC.KickStarter.sceneChanger.ChangeScene (AC.SceneChanger.CurrentSceneIndex - 1, true);

    Place that inside a new C# script, add to an empty and make it a prefab. You can then trigger its "NextScene" and "PreviousScene" functions by referencing the prefab in an Object: Call event Action.

  • It just works! Thank you so much Chris! You saved me lot of time!

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