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Alot of UI in one UI

Well, i just want a big UI Notepad for my game, it's a basic notepad with tabs, the tabs had different stuff like a map, load/save, setup, and characters. I know how to do that in UI but I don´t know how to connect with ca. Maybe a big manager? but don´t have an idea how to start with that.


  • How are you handling the display of different elements using tabs without AC?

    If you're able to switch between tabs without AC, you don't need to link that particular aspect up to AC's Menu Manager - only the elements inside each tab.

    If you use e.g. animation to move inactive tabs off-screen, then AC won't show them when they're supposed to be hidden. Otherwise, it shouldn't be too different from the regular steps in hooking up a Unity UI canvas to AC.

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