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QTE Pressing button many times in a specific time.

I would like to create a QTE like the 1:10 minute of the video I send. In my case it is a very heavy door that must be opened by pressing a button many times and very quickly. I have thought about doing it with a variable "times pressed", making its number increase with each press of a specific button ("E" for example) to detect how many times we have pressed the button. In parallel, launch a waiting action that, when finished, checks in the variable "times pressed" if we have given the button the number of times necessary. Does anyone know of an easier way to do it?

Video Reference:


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    The Input: QTE Action has a "Button Mash" option, which requires the user to press a given input a set number of times.

    A tutorial can be found here.

  • Excuse me :( I didn't take a good look at the QTE action types and rushed in asking. Sorry for asking something so obvious.

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