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Indentation of multi-line conversation options.

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I'm wondering how to achieve the effect seen in the image in this link:
(forum image embedding function doesn't seem to work right now)

In words: I want to indent the extra lines in multi-line options in a conversation menu.
I guess it sounds like a question for the Unity Forums, but since I'm using the "Prefix with index numbers" feature in AC, I'm thinking there could be some lind of built in indentation feature also....?


  • The Prefix with index numbers? option simply adds the number values to the front of the text. Indentation isn't something that the text value itself can do - you'd have to implement this on the UI end of things.

    With a Unity UI-based menu, you'll need to make each number prefix a separate UI Text component - not linked to AC's Menu Manager - so that the option lines themselves are just left-aligned as normal.

    What you can then do is attach a script to the base of the Unity UI that reads the number of options in the active Conversation, and only shows that many of the ordinal number Text components, i.e.:

    using UnityEngine;
    using UnityEngine.UI;
    using AC;
    public class OrdinalConversationNumbers : MonoBehaviour
        public Text[] ordinalTexts;
        void OnEnable ()
            if (KickStarter.playerInput == null) return;
            if (ordinalTexts == null) return;
            Conversation activeConversation = KickStarter.playerInput.activeConversation;
            if (activeConversation == null) return;
            int numOptions = activeConversation.GetNumEnabledOptions ();
            for (int i=0; i<ordinalTexts.Length; i++)
                ordinalTexts[i].enabled = (i < numOptions);
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