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3D demo textures not displaying properly

I am trying do some testing using the universal render pipeline. When loading AC 3D demo, all materials were pink, I’m somewhat familiar with seeing this and changed all the demo shaders to URP simple lit which fixed the pink, though everything in the demo scene now appears as a solid bronze looking color, no textures. Wondering if someone could assist. I’m still relatively new at this.



  • Standard pipeline materials are not compatible with URP. Changing the shader itself is not enough - the old textures need to be re-assigned to the new shader afterwards.

    Unity does have a "auto convert materials" option in the Edit menu, though in my experience it isn't always the most reliable. Still, you're probably best off re-importing the Demo game's assets and running the converter to see what results it can give you.

    Otherwise, since the Demo is made for the Standard pipeline, you may be best off importing it into a separate project just for reference - and leave it out of your main project that has URP. It isn't necessary to import either of AC's Demo folders for AC to actually install properly.

  • Auto convert worked like a charm, thank you Chris!
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