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Version 1.72 - Inventory overhaul and all-round refinements



  • @ChrisIceBox It works. Thanks!

  • Unfortunately, it looks like there was an export error with the Manual in v1.72.2.

    If you're having trouble viewing the Manual, grab v1.72.2a - it'll fix that issue specifically.

  • Brilliant! the popup variable presets fix is a god send, thanks Chris!!

  • Version 1.72.3

    • Added: Description field to parameters - use to display a tooltip when assigning parameter values
    • Added: Ability to drag-and-drop inventory items before opening Interaction menus if the "Minimum drag distance" is non-zero
    • Added: The use of right-clicks to deselect inventory items when Inventory interactions set set to Multiple is now optional
    • Added: Ability to use a 2D scene's background sprite to align Parallax2D objects to the scene's edges
    • Added: "Clickable in cutscenes?" Menu property is now available when the "Appear type" is set to "Except When Paused"
    • Added: Option for Timer elements of the type "Conversation" to automatically hide if the active Conversation is not timed
    • Added: Ability for Input elements set to Numeric Only to accept decimals
    • Added: Ability to sort Variables and Inventory items by ID or name
    • Added: Minor performance optimisations
    • Fixed: TimeScale not set correctly after using a curve to control it with the "Engine: Change TimeScale" Action
    • Fixed: OnHotspotSelect event not being triggered if a Hotspot is still selected when ending a cutscene
    • Fixed: Issue with "Straight To Cursor" movement when the "Pathfinding update time" is non-zero
    • Fixed: Issue with the "Variable: Check" Action when comparing two Vectors
    • Fixed: Brain2D_SpritesUnityComplex character prefab not turning
  • Version 1.72.4

    • Added: The rendering of a Border Camera when an the aspect ratio is enforced is now optional
    • Added: Link to an introductory tutorial upon completion of the New Game Wizard
    • Added: Remember components placed on Unity UI-based Menu prefabs are now read and written to even if their Menus are off at the time of saving
    • Added: Minor performance improvement to Unity UI-based Menus
    • Fixed: Active inventory graphics not applying to inventory cursors in v1.72.0
    • Fixed: Incorrect function names in the Manual's "Inventory scripting" chapter
    • Fixed: Characters that use Sprites Unity Complex animation not turning if their "Facing directions" property is set to None
    • Fixed: Display issue with the "Menu: Change state" Action when used to add a Journal page
    • Fixed: Display issues with the Active Inputs editor window
    • Fixed: Console error when previewing Graphic menu elements in Edit mode
    • Fixed: Actions Manager not allowing the assigning of custom Action script folders in rare circumstances
  • Thanks for another great set of updates Chris. Really appreciate your fantastic support for AC.

  • hello friend, I have a problem with confirmation email, it never arrives, can you cornfirm manually?

    Thanks for this Adventure Creator!!!
  • OK, you're good to go @Ciclope3160.

  • Hello again, I still can´t post anything on forums. I don´t know what's happend.

  • Sorry about that - try now. If not, PM me and we'll sort it out privately.

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