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Adventure Creator vs Game Creator asset. Not sure which is right for me.

I'm hoping to get a little input from the community if AC is a right fit for me or if I should be looking in another direction. I am new to coding but have been dabbling around in unity for a little bit. I'm looking to make an old school text adventure game but a little more up to date. Basically, it would be controlled all via a GUI/UI with buttons. (move direction, do an action, etc.). It will have a quest system, inventory system and a simple turn-based combat system. The core of the game will be text though as that will tell the story of the game as you progress. Any thoughts on using AC to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for the input.


  • Welcome to the community, @Scynoth. Thank you for your patience over the weekend.

    AC provides quest and inventory systems. As it's intended for traditional adventure games, though, you would need to script or otherwise import a separate system for anything combat-related.

    If the majority of your game involves text, how would it be displayed? AC can display dynamic text via subtitles, but AC is also geared towards visual games - with a focus on animation, characters, etc.

    If you can share a mockup or two to show what you're looking to achieve, I can try to elaborate a bit more on AC's suitability.

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