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Movement relative to camera AND mouse over issues

2 problems I've had recently, unrelated to the best of my knowledge.

The first - At some point, while working on my first person game, the "Relative to Camera" turning type stopped working, in that WASD would move the player in fixed directions, and not relative to where the camera/player was pointing. So no matter which way the player turns, W always moves the player north, S only south, and so on. Tank controls work, but not the relative to camera function.

Separately, I had originally chosen to have player vicinity activate hotspots, but later decided on mouse over activation - but mouse over seems to be totally non-functional - Use Icon doesn't show, object isn't highlighted, and object is unclickable - it's as if it doesn't exist. But I can switch back to player vicinity and it works again.

Thank you for any advice anyone can lend!


  • This is for a 3D game?

    The fine-tuning of these settings depend on the others your game uses. If you can you share your Settings Manager in full, as well as your AC and Unity version numbers, I'll try to see what's what.

    Do these issue occur in all scenes, even a fresh one?

  • Adventure Creator 1.72.2
    Unity version 2019.4.10f1 Personal

    These issues don't occur when I start a fresh scene.

    Here are shots of my settings manager:

  • I'm not sure if there is a clear answer here - I have a little coding experience, but I do admit I am a bit of a Unity beginner. I've started this project a couple of times, and somewhere along the line this has happened. One other thing that has happened - when running the game, the escape key has stopped bringing up the menu, and it immediately stops running the game and exits back to the editor. Please excuse my immense naivete - but could an asset i downloaded affect my game in these ways? I suppose I mean to say, I've been creating visuals, landscaping, inserting various assets and "sculpting" generally, and haven't made that many changes in settings or done much coding, and these problems seem to have arisen out of nowhere. Happy to provide any other info to help troubleshoot this. Thank you for your help, @ChrisIceBox !

  • In the case of the escape key, having this bring up the Pause menu is only the interface's default behaviour.

    The Pause menu's Appear type is set to On Input Key, and listens out for the "Menu" input, which AC will generate when installed and map to the Escape key. It's certainly feasible that another asset could remap this.

    Have you installed any other "gameplay" assets that may remap your inputs? This may happen automatically if you import an asset in the "Complete Projects" category.

    If the other issues don't occur in a new scene, it suggests the problem is due to the scene.

    My gut tells me it's down to something minor but hard to spot. Are you relying on any non-AC scripts in your scene? Input does seem to be a common theme of your three problems.

    Let's see what your Input Manager looks like, and some details of the scene itself. If need be, you can PM me your scene file, Managers, and player prefab - but it you're relying on other scripts then doing so may not show the full picture.

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