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Item disappears when placed between 2 other items in container/inventory


I'm having a couple of strange problems with containers/inventory.

When I place an item (dragging it) between 2 other items in either the inventory or a container, the dragged item disappears.
It does not happen if I just add the item from the container into my inventory with a single click .
It happens also if I drag an item within it's current container, from one slot to another, as long as the destination slot is between 2 other items.

The first problem is when I have "Items can be reordered in menus" enabled.
If I disable that option, something else happens.
Now the first problem is gone (because there can no longer be "holes" in containers/inventory as the game re-orders item for you on the fly), but a new one arises: If I click an item in a container to pop it into my inventory, the item PLUS all item to the right of it in the container pops into the inventory...
This second problem is not there if "Items can be reordered..." is enabled.

The problems are there whether I use AC default menus or my own with Unity in Scene link.

If I start a fresh game and only use AC default settings and menus etc., the first problem is still there, although the second does not happen.

Do these symtoms ring any bells?


  • What are your AC and Unity versions? The inventory system was overhauled in v1.72.0, so I'll need to know if this is with the old or new system.

    The behaviour you're getting will be down to many settings spread across your Managers. The best way to solve these is to have them myself. If this is occuring in the latest release, can you PM me a .unitypackage file containing your Manager assets, and instructions on how to recreate the issue? Switch back to AC menus and include any custom graphics they rely on, if the issue occurs with them.

  • Hi

    I was using 1.72.0.
    But after I updated to 1.72.3 I haven't been able to recreate the problem.
    I will report if the problem shows up again.

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