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Poly City Stories

Hello everyone, firstly what a great community, really enjoyed reading through a lot of the forum posts, and every time I've asked for help the fast response has been great! go you! :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to showcase my up and coming Game PolyCity Stories. :

**Teaser here: **

The blog is as much about the process and the struggles of creating an indie game in your spare time as anything else, so hopefully it will be of interest to most of you. I'll also be posting tips, experiences and thoughts about the whole AC/Unity process along the way, and would love your feedback.

Would be great to hear what everyone thinks of the style/voiceover and feel of it so far (I know that teaser is short, some more gameplay videos will be on the way soon and playable demo not too far away)

Thanks for checking it out! Happy adventuring!


  • Hey! This looks great! I like the style and V.O. so far. I also really like what you're doing with the Synty assets, I'm using them too for my adventure game, but it is crazy how versatile and unique they are. Good job!

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    Finally reached the first BETA testing of ACT1 of Polycity stories.. I'm doing a closed beta at first to catch those big bugs and issues with some family and friends, but will be looking for some outside beta testers in the coming month or so if anyone is interested.

    The latest gameplay teaser trailer is available on you tube now :

    Let me know if you'd like to be involved with testing on the facebook page:

    Oh and give me a like and share too :) .. thanks for the support.

    Full developer blog is here:

  • I really like it! It has that nice feel "noir detective" atmosphere and good use of assets and music. Keep up the good job

  • Love this art style! Low poly can be so nice. I’m using the same style for my current game :smile:
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