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Mac OSX Dialog Issue

I seem to be having issues with the portraits/subtitles displaying properly on OSX builds. Any insight or knowledge on this issue? Thanks!


  •  Okay this actually seems to be a transferring project files issue. It works fine until I move it from one drive to another.
  • Update - The dialog/portraits are functioning properly when there is no audio file linked to the dialog.

    I did go from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and Windows 7 to OSX.
  • There's nothing in the engine's code that links audio files to the portraits - are any Menus displaying at all?

    It sounds more likely that it's due to your transferring of platforms, which could well be more of an issue with Unity.
  • I figured it out - for some reason the subtitles in the setting tab were turned off during the transfer. :/
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