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Turn to Face a clicked Hotspot

Dear Chris and AC followers,
I've an inventory item that my player can use in all the hotspots, but only few hotspots will return a specific action, the others will just give a Speech for the player saying something like "It's not detecting anything."
Now, obviously I used an Unhandle action for the Inventory item (rather than attaching an action list with that item to ALL my hotspots), however, I'd like my player to "turn to face" that hotspot when playing the "Unhandle use on Hotspot" in that specific inventory item.
So, I was looking for a "Turn to Face" object action, without giving a specific object, but telling my player to face the hotspot where he used the inventory item to. Example: my player "use" an item in the inventory, the item is selected, the player "use item on hotspot", then I'd like my player to face that specific hotspot (no matter which one it is).
There's nothing like that in the Character:FaceObject action, so I wonder if I can create a Custom Action, based on the Character:FaceObject, but rather than having a field for the "object", face automatically the last hotspot selected (when using the item in it).
Is that a possibility? Is there something like that in AC?


  • Possible - but a minor issue with AC means you'll have to first check a "hidden" box.

    Select your Inventory Manager asset file and view its Inspector - not the Game Editor window. Then check Pass Unhandled Hotspot As Parameter.

    Back in your "Unhandled Use On Hotspot" ActionList asset, define a single GameObject parameter. This will be set to the Hotspot whenever its run - so you can pass it as the Object to face in the Character: Face object Action to have the Player dynamically face the clicked Hotspot.

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    Interesting... I'll give it a try. Thanks a lot!

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