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Request: Popup variable as a parameter type in action list assets

Hi, It's me again! :)

I'm trying to simplify many of my busy actions using the action list assets (ALA), and ran into a problem where I want to be able to set a variable as a parameter.

It's a global variable I want to set from outside the ALA
My global variable DRIVE_showScene, is of type popup, and currently has two potential values TOWN or CITY

I'd like to be able to choose the value of this popup variable from outside the ALA, (with a dropdown ideally of the values in the popup variable as I've mocked up in the image below), but I can't seem to create an ALA parameter of this type?

My question (as usual) is am I misunderstanding the way to use this feature, or is it a limitation of the ALA structure, or is this something that could be added?

As always, thanks in advance


  • There is a detachment between parameters and the way in which they're used within Actions. Each parameter variable is unique, with its own set of label values - so creating a PopUp parameter would also have to involve re-defining its labels, and making sure they match the variable you ultimately want to set.

    What you can do, however, is set the value by index. PopUp variable values can be overridden with Integer parameters. So in your case, Town would be set with a value of 0, and City with 1.

    What you then do is write a reminder of these values in the parameter's Description box, i.e. "Town = 0, City = 1". When hovering over the "Show environment" label in the ActionList: Run Action, that description should then show up as a tooltip.

  • This sounds like an interesting work around, I'll give this a shot.


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