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Motion Matching & Adventure Creator

I just wanted to let the AC community know that I am working with another scripter on the implementation of the Unity Asset called Motion Matching into Adventure Creator.

What is Motion Matching?
Motion Matching is an Animation engine that works without animation state machines. So you don't have to create these gigantic webs of animation states. On top of that and that is the main advantage: All animations look incredibly fluid and natural and blend in perfectly in any situation.

Our approach is here to use the Kinematic Character Controller as a link between Motion Matching and Adventure Creator as both assets provide a sample integration of this controller and this was the easiest way for us to implement it (for now).

Motion Matching and the Kinematic Character Controller are currently on sale that was for me another reason to create this thread now and not when the script is ready, as these two needed assets are not really cheap.

I will provide the script and a setup guide here in this thread, for free and for everyone of course, as soon as it is ready.

Motion Matching @ Unity Asset Store:
Kinematic Character Controler @ Unity Asset Store:


  • Exciting, look forward to it!

    I haven't used Motion Matching, but Kinematic Character Controller is excellent and a good choice in my experience.

  • This is great news @Vacerias! Looking forward to it

  • edited December 2020

    First things first. This small project is still in early alpha. Everyone, feel free to edit and use the script to your liking. I highly appreciate feedback, feature/actionlist requests, bug reports, and your scripting skills to fix the known issues ;) Just let me know if you need collab access on github! :)

    * MxM Motion Matching
    * Kinematic Character Controller
    * Adventure Creator


    Current Known Issues:
    * Face After Moving - Not working
    * Walk to Marker - Not working on Player class in 3rd Person View as the camera movement influences the walking path
    * Player constraint "Disable Movement" in Direct Movement - Not working
    * Walking/Running doesn't work on keyboard or mouse (double click) inputs but on controllers (analog sticks)
    * Footsteps system has to be run by MxM
    * AC Movement Methods: Drag and Straight to Cursor not working


    Alternatively you can download the script and the demo project also here:

    The demo project includes just one custom AC Action List to change the movement speed parameters.

    I will prepare a setup tutorial in the next days.

    Demo Video (using Movement Animset Pro Animations):

    Demo Video (using the animations provided by MxM):

    @ChrisIceBox @Yakuzza Thanks a lot! :smile:

  • Looking great!

    Understood if this is too early to do so, but it would be great to have a page on the Integrations wiki about this - even only to serve as another link to the repository.

  • Thank you @ChrisIceBox

    No problem :) I just tried to add a new page to the wiki but somehow it didn't add the page or is it maybe under review first?

  • I don't see anything in the admin pages.

    You're welcome to PM me the text, though, and I'll add it myself.

  • Motion Matching is on sale at Asset Store at the moment, so I'm seriously considering using it. Does this integration package work with AC's path system? And did I understand correctly, that this doesn't support keyboard movement in direct control?

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