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[Possible Bug] Subtitles handled within Timeline are not responding to Options

Dear Chris and AC followers,
I tried to find the original post where I asked help for subtitles together with videoplayer, but couldn't find it...
Anyway, here is the thing: I'm handling my video cut-scenes (mp4 videos) through Unity Timeline, I've one track with a video player and one track is AC Speech. So this speech track (which has a prefab character called "VideoSubtitles") works as video-subtitles and this is great for localization. However, I've noticed that if in my options I've the toggle for subtitles, it's not affecting the timeline subtitles (the speech track is always visible), while it affects the regular subtitles for lines of dialogues for example. I don't have the "Ignore 'Subtitles' option" checked on my subtitles menu, so I've no idea why is not responding to the options... Is it a bug? Or for some reasons is not possible to switch subtitles off from a Timeline...?
To reproduce: create a timeline with a Speech Track (Playback mode: clip duration|Speaker prefab: some NPC object), then on options turn off subtitles, launch the timeline and see if the subtitles are correctly shown/hidden.


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    The speech track type shouldn't cause its display to differ to lines called through actions.

    Does it have associated audio? Subtitles will always display if doesn't, but that's try of both Actions and Timeline.

    What are your AC and Unity verisons?

  • Ah... I don't have associated audio, because they are subtitles for a video... That's why maybe the subtitles are shown no matter the options...?
    Maybe I've to create "dummies" audio files, for the subtitles, that are basically empty (0.2s of silence)? Is that the only solution?

    Unity 2019.3.6f1
    AC 1.72.4

    (p.s. I wanted to update to Unity 2020 today)

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    Ok, I've found there's a setting under Speech:
    "Force subtitles to display when no speech audio file is found".
    I've deactivated it. This should do it... Sorry but despite I'm using AC for 2 years, there's always something new to discover and that I never checked (or maybe I read it in the manual a year ago and forgot)!!!

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