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How do I disable take screenshot in autosave only?

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Unity 5.2.4 AC 1.50f
Using AC as source in Load and Save menus.
Take screenshot when saving? is checked.

I want to disable take screen shot only in autosave and keep it for normal saves. Since it reduces the save routine time dramastically.
And thus my autosave slot in load/safe menu would be without a screenshot, but other slots would still have them.
Also how would I put a custom image into autosave slot then?
Thank you.


  • Still can't figure it out, been stuck for a long time with SaveSystem.cs
    How would I just call if it saves to slot 0 don't take screenshot?

    I might go without putting custom image into autosave slot, if it is impossible or really hard to do.
    But how to stop screenshots being taken for autosave only?

  • The AutoSave is marked as a save with ID of 0. In SaveSystem, replace the instances of:

    if (KickStarter.settingsManager.takeSaveScreenshots)


    if (KickStarter.settingsManager.takeSaveScreenshots && saveID > 0)
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    Thank you Chris but It gives 2 errors: line 126 and 2005
    The name `saveID' does not exist in the current context
    126 is where GatherSaveFiles
    2005 where DeleteProfile

  • Undo the changes for those 2 lines only.

  • edited December 2020

    It still lags compared to when Take screenshot when saving? is unchecked. the lag is like 3-5 seconds long.
    I thought the lag would be eliminated if I stop taking screenshots for autosave.
    Hmm , then what's causing it?
    Scene transitions are way smoother with Take screenshot when saving? unchecked, instant transition. I use autosave right before scene change in my interaction.

  • Use the Profiler to determine the cause of any lag.

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