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Compare value of component integer variable with integer parameter in ActionList asset

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I am trying to automate some checks for puzzle solutions by using ActionList assets and sending the relevant data to them via parameters.

The main task within these checks is to compare

  • the integer values of Component Variables, which I send as "Component Variable" parameters to the ActionList, …


  • an integer value that I enter manually on a case-to-case basis and send as an "Integer" parameter to the ActionList.

I cannot find any way to compare these two integers in an action, though … afaics, neither the Variable:Check, nor the ActionList:CheckParameter action will let me do this.

What would be the most straight-forward (and reuseable) way to achieve that task?


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    You'd have two parameters: one of type Component Variable, and another of type Integer.

    Then, with a Variable: Check Action, set the Source to Component, and override the Variable field with your Component Variable parameter.

    As the variable's type is only set when the parameter is set at runtime, you'll have to specify a "Placeholder type" in the Action. Set this to Integer, and you can then override the comparison value with your Integer parameter.

  • Ha – awesome! ;-)

    Great, Chris, thank you!!!

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