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bug hotspot detection method

As from the video I had put on "hotspot detection method" mouse over, and instead when I start the game it changes in player vicinity, is it a bug? How can I solve?


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    Are you able to change the field back to Mouse Over once the game is running?

    It sholdn't be getting changed by any of AC's built-in scripts.

    I'm seeing some non-AC objects in your Hierarchy. What else is in your project? Do you have any custom scripts - either from the wiki or Downloads page - present in your project? I can only imagine that something else is setting its value.

  • in the project beyond adventure creator I have the integration for ultimate character controller and obviously the ultimate character controller kit
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    It may be coming from the UCC Integration's InitSceneExample script, which should not be present in your own scene - it's just to set up the example scene.

    Check your GameObjects for this component and remove it - or alternatively, open up the script and remove this command from its Start function:

    KickStarter.settingsManager.hotspotDetection = HotspotDetection.PlayerVicinity;
  • I solved, thank you very much :)

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