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camera switching trigger/actionlist test, best practice?

Hello Chris,

I was hoping you might have a moment to see if my actionlist for camera switching is optimal? I went back over the tutorial for creating a 2.5D game and wanted to adapt the technique using triggers instead of hotspots. Initially, I used two triggers and the test appeared to work fine. Then something got off and was unable to have it switch cameras properly. I've created a single trigger that appears to work fine, though, I'm wondering if the actionlist script is optimal for best practice. I've attached two images and a brief video. Could you see if the technique is proper or if there is better way?

Tom Dean

YouTube [.56 sec]
Scene View

ActionList Script


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    Chris, I am now seeing (again) and recalling the "34:18 - Using Triggers" portion of the creating a 3D tutorial which covers the exact camera switching behavior I am implementing (though my technique above is different than in the tutorial). I do have a followup question though. Let's say my scene contains 3 cameras covering 3 regions of the scene. I could setup switching from shot A to B (moving from region 1 to 2) in the same manner you outline in the tutorial. Let's say the 3rd region is beyond region 2. Using the setup in the tutorial, the 2nd trigger using "on exit" to switch back to the original camera would create an issue because I'd like (assuming I'm navigating to a 3rd region beyond the 2nd region rather than going back to region 1) to switch to shot C... not back to shot A (in region 1 for my setup) as in the tutorial. What would be proper trigger setup to progressively switch from one camera to another as player navigates through one region to another and back again?

  • One method would be to only rely on "On Exit" Triggers, with each Trigger spanning the whole portion of the scene that you want a given camera to be active. So for 3 regions, you'd have 3 such Triggers each spanning their own region.

    If you wanted to go with your Variable method as in the video, you needn't rely on a separate Bool for each camera. Since only one camera is active at a time, only one Bool will be True - so you could instead rely on a PopUp variable with values e.g. "ShotA Is Live", "Shot B Is Live", "Shot C Is Live", etc.

  • Thank you Chris, I appreciate your guidance!

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