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Custom Action: Toggle between Full and Windowed screens

edited January 2021 in Extending the editor
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

using UnityEditor;

namespace AC

    public class SetFullWindowedScreenMode : Action 
        // Declare variables here

        public bool isFullscreen ; 
        public SetFullWindowedScreenMode ()
            this.isDisplayed = true;
            category = ActionCategory.Custom;
            title = "Set FullScreen or Windowed";
            description = "Set FullScreen or Windowed";
        override public float Run ()
             isFullscreen = GlobalVariables.GetBooleanValue (your Variable id); 
            if (isFullscreen == false) 
                // Set to fullscreen
                Screen.SetResolution (1366, 768, true);
                GlobalVariables.SetBooleanValue(your Variable id, true);
                Screen.SetResolution (1366, 768, false);
                GlobalVariables.SetBooleanValue(your Variable id, false);

            return 0f;
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