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Minor improvement suggestion - Add an AC prefix on DistantHotspot & BackgroundImage layer names

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Just started a tidy up of all the layers in the project after not touching them for a long time. I went and deleted the DistantHotspot and BackgroundImage layers not thinking I was using them and completely forgetting that AC requires them. Adding an "AC" prefix to their name would be a helpful reminder as to why they're there.


  • They can both be changed in the Settings Manager's "Raycast settings" panel.

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    I'm seeing no options to change DistantHotspots and BackgroundImage layer names

  • Ah - they only show up if actually used by your game.

    You can, however, access the fields by viewing the Settings Manager asset in Debug mode.

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    Don't want to make this issue bigger than it deserves to be but FYI after changing the layer names in the settings manager asset, AC still threw up a notification saying it needed to create layers and went about adding them again with the default name.

  • The original layer names still need to be present in the project, as the names you enter in the Settings Manager are only unique to that game.

    You raise a good point, though. Perhaps an option in the Project settings to bypass notifications would be worthwhile.

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