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Remove Click Marker when Player reaches Destination

Hello there Chris and all the AC group!
So, I've released ENCODYA not even 2 months ago and I'm up for a new game that relies on Adventure Creator!
Something totally different...
This time I'm using a "Click Marker" and I wonder: is it possible to remove it when the Player reaches the destination?
I've a "looped" prefab as click marker (so I'm not relying on the time since spawn). And what I would like is to remove it from the scene when the player reaches the prefab (therefore the destination).
I'm using point-and-click movement system, so there's a path-finding and basically I'd like to write a script to remove the instantiated prefab (click marker) when the Player reaches the end of that path.
I've tried to read the api, but couldn't find a way... (I guess comparing in update player.transform with destionation.transform is not the best... right? I guess there's an event called?)
Any hint is very welcome!


  • I guess there's an event called?

    Yes - OnCharacterEndPath is what you want:

    void OnEnable () { EventManager.OnCharacterEndPath += OnCharacterEndPath; }
    void OnDisable () { EventManager.OnCharacterEndPath -= OnCharacterEndPath; }
    void OnCharacterEndPath (Char character, Paths path)
        if (character == KickStarter.player)
            // Remove the click marker

    For a full list of character-related events, see the Manual's "Character scripting" chapter.

  • Awesome, thanks!

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