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  • When i press a key for example ctrl i want something to happen, an animation for example, can i do this in adventure creator?

  • You can define Active Inputs, which allow you to trigger ActionList asset files when a specific input is pressed.

    See the Manual's "Active inputs" chapter for details.

  • I want to add on Load option a button to delete the save scenes, when i click the save scene and press the delete buton the saved scene is deleted, how can i do that?

  • By "save scene", do you mean a save-game file?

    The Save: Manage saves Action can be used to delete specific save-game files. Which save-game file are you looking to be able to delete?

    In practice, this is best used with an Integer parameter that overrides which save slot is deleted. A tutorial on working with parameters and save slots can be found here.

  • I've created a Trigger when i enter it i disable the players movement and i put an Engine=Wait for 5 seconds. I want this to work only one time i enter it.

  • Use the Object: Send message Action to send the "Turn Off" message to the Trigger object - that will turn it off and prevent it from reacting to the Player's presence again.

    To save the enabled state of the Trigger, attach the Remember Trigger component to it.

  • When i select an inventory item i want a specific animation to play, for example i have a flashlight in the inventory when i press tab to launch the inventory and select the flashlight i want to animate his hand to have a flashlight.

  • You can define a "Use" interaction in the Inventory item's properties. This ActionList asset will be run when the item is interacted with.

    This ActionList can then run a Character: Animate Action to animate your Player, once you've created an animation for them. How exactly it works will depend on your character's "Animation engine" setting - are you looking to have them play a different set of idle/walk etc animations with them holding the flashlight?

    If you want to make the flashlight item a "toggle", so that clicking it again has the Player put it away again, you'll need to create a global Bool variable named e.g. "Has Flashlight Out". Then begin your ActionList with a Variable: Check Action to determine its value, and then run a Variable: Set Action to either turn it from False -> True, or True -> False, depending, followed by the appropriate Character: Animate Action.

  • Yes i want to play an idle/walk animations when holding the flashlight. I have another question, sorry for being a noob at this but i don't know how it works. When i press "c" i want a animation to run, a "hand down" animation, i've created an Active Input named Hand Down and also a new input on Input manager but dosen't work, what i'm doing wrong.

  • The Active Input's "Input Button" field refers to the name of the input listed in Unity's Input Manager - not the key itself.

    Rename this to "Hand Down" - the only mention of the "c" key should be in Unity's Input Manager.

  • Thank you Chris, now it's working.

  • I've created a Draggable object, a door with a Hinge Track, i want to make this door open only if i have in the inventory a key, how to make this happen?

  • Attach a Remember Moveable component to your Draggable object and set its Moveable state on start field to Off.

    On a separate object (can be a child/parent), but in the same space as the Draggable object, create a Hotspot, and define an Inventory interaction between it and the key. As part of that Interaction ActionList, use the Object: Send message Action to turn on the Draggable object. That will then make it interactive.

  • Thank you Chris for the answer, it's working.

  • I've created a GameCamera and made it a third person camera using another program because i don't know how to use the Game Camera third-person. When i open the Menu or Inventory the player doesn't move but the camera still rotate with the mouse, how to constrain it action, do i have to do something with the cursor?

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    If it's a separate asset, you'll need to manually constrain it through script, since it won't be aware automatically of when it shouldn't be controllable.

    If you can add public functions to the custom camera script that prevents/allows control, like:

    private void allowControl = true;
    public void AllowControl ()
        allowControl = true;
    public void PreventControl ()
        allowControl = false;

    Then you can read the value of the "allowControl" bool elsewhere in the script at the moment you want to read input. Something like:

    if (!allowControl) return;
    // Normal input code follows

    What you can then do is trigger these AllowControl / PreventControl functions from elsewhere - either by hooking into custom events, or from an ActionList using the Object: Send message Action, where the message sent is set to the function you want to trigger.

    Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Third Person Camera over on the Downloads page.

  • I think de dialogue its disappearing to fast. Is there a way to make the dialogue stay longer on the screen?

  • The top of the Speech Manager's Minimum display time (s) and Display time factor fields affect how long a dialogue is displayed for.

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