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Dialoglist offset buttons persist in UI prefab

Hi adventure creators!

I'm trying to get Shift Offset Previous/Next buttons to work with a UI prefab Conversation menu.
I have two buttons in the Conversation Menu with 'Only show when effective' enabled.

In AC mode, this works as expected and only displays an offset button when necessary.
In UI prefab mode, the buttons always remain visible.

These are my settings:
Conversation Menu:

Conversation UI Prefab UP button:

UP Animator triggers:

The disabled state is never triggered during gameplay.
Anyone spot anything I overlooked?

AC: 1.73.3
Unity: 2019.4.21f1


  • Your "When invisible" property is set to "Disable Object", which ought to disable the GameObject entirely.

    To instead have it prevent the Button from being interactive, change this to "Disable Interactability".

  • Yes, but I want it to go invisible when not effective, not disable interactivity.
    And that’s what isn’t working with the ui prefab.
    With an ac menu, it works though.
  • Disabling interactivity should invoke its "Disabled" animation state - so it's a case of either disabling the object, or animating the state to appear invisible.

    I say "should", because I've recreated the issue - UI-based Buttons aren't changing their state properly. Thanks for the report - I'll look into it.

  • Excellent, thanks for helping out!

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