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Any way to choose BOTH "only when highlighting" and "only when flashing for vicinity hotspot icons?

I have a direct-controlled game with player vicinity hotspot detection method in which, when the player approaches/ is close to a hotspot, an icon shows up at that hotspot (this is the "only when highlighting" option)

But I also want to assign a button that, when pressed, flashes ALL the hotspot icons in the area. Choosing "only when flashing" does this, but then the icon doesn't show up when the player comes close to it (disables "only when highlighting")

Any way to have both?


  • I'll attempt a recreation. Can you share the Hotspot settings in your Settings Manager?

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    Thanks for the quick response! Here


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    I can't recreate the issue. Only When Highlighting should include when Hotspots are flashed after invoking the FlashHotspots input, and that's the behaviour I'm getting in the 3D Demo with the above settings.

    Do your Hotspots have Highlight compnents assigned in their "Object to highlight" fields?

  • Yes, I have. Alright, guess it's something on my end then. I'll try stuff out and see where I've messed up!

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