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How to add together Global Variable Integer’s?

How to add together the value of multiple Global Variable Integer’s to create one overall Integer value?

I have various globals, counting and storing Integer’s values – and I have a new global to be used as a total checker… But how do I add up them into one value?

I feel like I should be doing something like ...

Action - Variable Set (my Total global) to 0...
... then ...
Action - Variable Set (my Total global) Increase By Value (from global A)
... followed by ...
Action - Variable Set (my Total global) Increase By Value (from global B).
... then I can check my total > 100 etc

But there isn’t an option to do something like that and I can't work out how to do it.


  • When dealing with Integer and Float variables, the Variable: Set Action's Method can be set to Formula, which lets you enter in an equation to calculate the new value, i.e.:

    2 + 3

    However, this box also supports the use of variable tokens, which you can insert to make use of other variable values at runtime:

    [var:4] + [var:5]

    A variable's replacement token can be found in its list of properties.

    Variables can also be updated through script - see the Manual's "Variable scripting" chapter details.

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