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Tutorial 10 -robot doesn't pick up sword - error - cannot parent object - no hand bone found

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  • First wanted to say what a great product. Really having fun with this.

    I am probably making a dumb error but

    Following Youtube 10 tutorial:

    In part where robot is to hold the sword from inventory - 

    Getting error - error - "cannot parent object - no hand bone found"

    Under “Sword Hotspot_use” added Character Hold action - character  -selected robot - object to hold sword

    On the Robot Player Script - dragged Hold_r onto Bone Transforms Right Hand slot


    Different from video:

    Note that on the character hold script action did not check is Player , but dragged robot onto character slot.

    In creating character - made a prefab . But left character in scene and worked fine else would get error - NullReference Object reference not set to an instance of an object.  


  • edited April 2014
    Got it working now - went back and reassigned the hold_r slot. 
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