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Question about scene objects arrangements after loading

Hello. I am a bit confused about how the objects in a scene after loading. For example if I go from:

Starting title page > game scene 1 > saved game > go back to title page > game scene 1

Would game scene 1 be completely new with the initial settings as it is first visited?
Or would it load the saved game setting (or the setting when I last left the scene) because AC will remember the scene settings when going away from the scene?


  • It depends on how you're going back to the title page scene.

    Simply switching scene with the Scene: Switch Action will first cause AC to make an internal record of the state of the current scene. This includes Remember components, the active NavMesh etc.

    If you instead use the Engine: End game Action with the "Restart Game" command, the scene change won't save this state, and the internal records of all scenes will be cleared.

    This "internal record" is separate from saving the game in a save file. The state of the game is not affected by the user saving.

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    That's cool! Thank you!

    May I ask what does the option Reset Menus too do?

  • If checked, then the on/off/locked states of your menus, and visibility states of the elements within them, will be reverted to their defaults.

  • Cool! Thanks!

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