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2D Character in 3D World (Billboard)

Hello there!
I'm starting a new game and I want to try new techniques.
My initial idea is to have 2D characters inside a 3D world.
For a initial prototype I simply put the Brain 2D inside a 3D scene and is working almost perfectly.
But If the character become to close of the camera's corners the sprite starts to stretch too much since is not a billboard.
My question is, how can I put the sprite always point to the camera?


  • Change your Character's Rotate sprite to field to Full Camera Rotation.

  • When I discovered how dumb my question was, I came here as soon as possible to delete my post, but you already responded. haha

    Well, I stumble upon another problem, when I select 8 direction restricted movement, I couldn't move my character diagonally with my xbox controller. Some times it work when I pull the analogic at max in a perfectly diagonally position.
    I tried config the Input Manager, but I have no success, if I increase or reduce the sensibility, my dead zone become bad and my character moves even with my controller in idle position (the controller is old, so analogic is not in perfect condition).

    When I select "No Limit" the character works perfectly in all directions.

    There is any threshold for analogic? Or am I missing another dumb thing I can't find? haha

  • Is this still using Brain2D for testing?

    Best to see some images, so that I can recreate your situation accurately. Let's see your AC Settings Manager, Player Inspector, and Input Manager fields for Horizontal/Vertical.

  • Skip the above - I've recreated the issue, thanks. Will fix this in the next update.

  • Great to know! Thank you.

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