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Documents System

I am looking to create a documents/files system somewhat similar to the early Resident Evil games, where you collect files and can choose to read any collected files from a menu. I have not worked on anything like this so far, so not quite sure where to start. I know AC has a Document menu, but, as I understand it, it seems to be based on one large journal where you navigate pages and everything is kept in one game-long "book" like in e.g. Broken Sword 3.

Would I create a separate one of these for every document in my game?


  • You can create individual documents in the Documents tab of the Inventory Manager.

    The Journal system - i.e. one large document that can have pages added to it over the course of the game - is separate to this, which allows you to create individual docs that can be viewed individually.

    Setting a Journal element's Journal type to Display Active Document allows it to be filled with the text of a document opened - either through use of the Document: Open Action, or by selecting one from a list in an InventoryBox element.

    The default interface provides a Document menu - if you created your Menu Manager before it was added, you can copy it over from the Default_MenuManager asset.

  • Got it, thank you.

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