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.GetPageText(0) get empty string but .title work fine

edited May 2021 in Technical Q&A

Hi! I trying to access to the content of the first page of the document but it get a empty string with .GetPageText(0).

When I open document it show all perfect.

The true is, I need a "description" of the document in my Document UI windows. Can Add some property like as items to documents? (For now I will use the page 1 as description)

or maybe I use a item linked to the document with a Use: Action List "Open Document" ?

(I use last version of AC and Unity)



  • Thanks for the bug report.

    Open up Document.cs, and replace line 107:

    if (pages != null && pageIndex < pages.Count && pageIndex > 0)


    if (pages != null && pageIndex < pages.Count && pageIndex >= 0)

    Does that resolve it?

  • Perfect, thanks!

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