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Help with Using Adventure Creator - Indie Scifi Point and Click Game - PAID OPPORTUNITY

Hey everyone,

Hope it is okay to post here as it is a paid opportunity, please do let me know if not ok, I'll delete the discussion!

I was recently advised to post here and perhaps find someone who can use Adventure Creator for a short indie point-and-click game project my company has. We are also looking for someone to help us with the design and asset creation.

Basically, we are a film production company in London, and we're in the midst of producing our first feature film, Out there. It's set in the '90s, a UFO, coming-of-age themed film, in Wales. Here's a short synopsis:

In late 90’s Wales, two alien-obsessed teenagers are driven by their need to uncover ‘the truth.’ When a UFO lands in their small community, they team up with a local conspiracy theorist to start an investigation that could be their last.

To complete it and promote it, we started a video game project, a short and sweet point'n'click, that could be distributed on a web platform/played on a computer. The project is also supported by the Arts Council.

Excuse my lack of knowledge regarding game developing/designing, but basically, we would need someone (or a small team!) to help us take care of the development with Unity - perhaps with the help of Adventure creator - but could also take care of the design + the creation of assets.

Our game would be pretty simple in terms of game development. We'd like to keep it short, with only one main, linear, story and just a few puzzles/enigmas. Story and puzzles/enigmas are in the process of being written but should be all taken care of, as well as the music and sound design.

If anyone could be interested in this opportunity - or has any advice - we'd love to hear about what you think.
You can maybe message me on here, answer directly to this discussion or email me at

Again, I hope it is all ok to post on here!



  • Hi Marine, maybe you can check freelancer platforms like fiverr? There's plenty of pro developers worldwide in there and very efficient. You'll find all type of budgets and services. You can hire game designers, dev, artists, etc or even a team.

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    Hi there, read your post and i´ll be happy to know more, I have experience using AC for a Commercial Game. How can I get in touch with you? I´ll send you a Private Message.

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