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Untiy first run - occasionally ignores default camera

edited June 26 in Engine development

Unity: 2019.4.18f1
AC: 1.73.6


I have a scene which is set up to use a basic camera as the default camera at start. So for example, here's my camera:

And here are the scene settings:

What happens 75% of the time is when Unity is loaded, and first plays the scene, this camera is failed to be used, and instead it reverts to the first person camera on the player. However, all subsequent plays will use the basic camera correctly.

I don't yet know if this is true of a build, but it's something I've noticed in editor, so thought best to mention.



  • To rule out anything else contributing, does this occur without the "Constrained First Person Camera" component?

    It sounds like this is a case of conflicting cameras, though I'm not sure why the results would vary. I'd hazard a guess that this would be limited to the Editor.

    When using First Person movement, AC will automatically switch to the Player's First Person Camera during gameplay. This should still allow for switching camera during cutscenes, but it's best to do so using a Camera: Switch Action inside your OnStart cutscene instead of making it your Default Camera.

    AC will switch back to your First Person Camera once the cutscene is over, though. If you want to remain with "Camera_Part1" when gameplay resumes, you'll need to switch to a different Movement method, such as None. This can be done inside your cutscene with the Engine: Manage systems Action.

    Just be aware that this will update the Settings Manager field, so you will need to run an "ActionList on start game" asset file to set this to the default intended value.

  • To rule out anything else contributing, does this occur without the "Constrained First Person Camera" component?

    A good question. At this point, I don't know. I'll have to try disabling it and see what the results are.

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